A World Without Superman

[A world without Superman]

I’m not sure whether or not it’s a good thing that the heart failure that eventually killed Christopher Reeve was directly related to his spinal injuries. On the one hand I think I would have liked for him to survive that completely, to have something else get him in the end. But on the other hand I think it would just be too bitterly ironic for him to get taken out by something else after all this time. I have to say that I genuinely thought he would walk again. My only consolation is that, thanks to him, other people probably will. Of course the sentiment that Christopher Reeve was the real super man is a popular one, and I have to agree with it. I liked the comment on Fark, that:

All we have to do is fly around the world a few times really really fast, right? Right?

I’m pleased that he made it through nine years of complete paralysis without, as one commenter put it, "whimpering to some magic invisible man in the sky". He died with dignity and nobility. Now I’m going to rent Superman.