California Dreaming

As of yesterday I have my flights and time off work booked for a holiday in California for three weeks starting at the end of September. Huzzah! I’ve taken the naïve and costly step of buying my own flights rather than trying to wrangle some work-related reason to be in Mountain View around that time, but no matter. I hear most people pay for their own holidays these days, so I might as well join in.

There are a few people going, but true to my usual form I’m not completely sure who those few people are. We haven’t (to my knowledge) got anything resembling itinerary yet, besides  a plan to spend some time in San Francisco initially. But then if we did have more of a plan I’m sure I wouldn’t know about it. I like to think of this as my ability to just wing it and go with things without sweating the details. Other people call it failing to pay attention.

While I’ve been there twice in recent years, there’s still an awful lot of California I haven’t seen. Some of that awful lot goes by the name LA, which I’m quite looking forward to visiting. Maybe I can find a minor celebrity to take home with me as what the ancient Egyptians referred to as a “souvenir”.