Just like the poor, VD will always be with us and like herpes, just when you think its gone for good, it rears its ugly head once more.

Everyone is talking about Valentine’s Day. Thankfully they all seem to be complaining about the pointless homogenised commercialism or reveling in post-modern irony. Good. That means no-one needs convincing, so my rant isn’t needed. I thought for a while that people were getting smarter, but now I reckon I’m just keeping better (virtual) company.

Wil‘s talking about Linux again. Though I’m currently in my ‘website’ geek-mode, rather than my ‘get a cool free (as in speech) OS running including GUI desktop rather than just command line on my old P133 geek-mode, this sort of talk can only remind me of my horrible Linux paradox. I can’t get any Linux distro to install on my old machine because the machine is too quirky and I don’t know enough about Linux to fix it. And I can’t learn much about Linux without using it. Plus I never remain in aforesaid latter geek-mode for long enough at a time.