Just as I Get Started

Just as I get into the right frame of mind to make some progress on Phry (another update today added the preview function I was after), not to mention the right frame of mind to use unimaginative idioms like ‘frame of mind’, I have to go back to college tomorrow. This will also interfere with my ability to watch the Oscars tonight. Actually, on second thought, that doesn’t make sense. Staying up to watch the Oscars will most certainly interfere with my ability to go to college though. Either way, I’m not pleased.

Along with this displeasure is something that the late, and, although it’s a cliché, great, Douglas Adams called Farnham. This is the feeling you get at four o’clock when you haven’t done enough. Multiply this by three-hundred or so, and you arrive at the feeling that it’s five weeks to your (or worse, my) exams and you haven’t done a thing. Actually, not doing a thing is fine. You can convince yourself that there’s not much to do. I’ve done just enough to know that I haven’t done enough. I am suffering from Farnham.