Bunch of Fools

Today is one of those all too commmon days that has a name other than, say, Tuesday, specifically, for the culturally impaired out there, April Fools’ Day, and as such I feel required to take a dislike to it. Luckily this is something that comes quite easily to me. So without trying to convince you that I’ve taken to carrying ads or closed the source of an OSS project, may I just simply call you a fool and move on?

Since Slashdot decided not to post any real news at all today, I spent some time making it even harder for myself to screw up when posting here. It’s all aboput text filters and related interesting… thingies. There’s still no obvious advantage to you, the reader, but screw it; I spend longer here than you do. 🙂 Seriously, though, I am building up to a comment system. Maybe in May or June. Exams are such a nuisance.