I’ve been perusing the pages of netsoc’s members, hoping to find some good home-grown webby goodness. I saw that there are now more listed personal pages than in any of my previous years of membership, despite membership falling to about a quarter of its glorious high point of 00/01 in the same time. My hopes were quickly dashed.

A short but almost complete summary of what I found: crap

I’ll admit that that last summary wasn’t entirely fair or accurate, so for the sake of completeness:

  • "This is my great site. Isn’t it great? I’m cool. Click here for some mindless crap."
  • "Here’s a picture of me drunk. Here’s another."
  • "Welcome to my cool site. It’s not done yet. But it’ll be great." – Last updated last century.
  • "This is the official site of…" – WTF? This is free hosting from a college society. Can’t your hospital afford €200 a year for comercial hosting and a domain?
  • Some random plaintext – I’m looking at you Gary

But in this haystack I found a single needle, from paul’s ‘about me’:

My dream is to become a freelance mercenary ninja.

I think we can all agree with that sentiment.