Six Days of Seperation

Was anyone hoping they’d get to see waht happens when every post is more than a week old? Probably not, I’d imagine. You probably hadn’t noticed that that’s how long they stay on the front page. I have excuses, of course. I always have excuses. I spent three hours on a bus today, to hand up an assignment that took approximately one hour to complete. That may be a personal record for time-wasting. Though it probably isn’t. I could’ve saved time by doing the assignment on the bus I guess. You live and learn. Anyway, I case you are wondering, the front page would display a psuedo-error message ‘Out of Cheese Error’. Probably has some spelling mistakes too, but it’s never been seen by anyone else. Now that I think of it, it has a rather tasteless joke too. You might get the chance to see it if I ever have another holiday abroad or something.