Krimson Kreme

I’m going to be a little bit informative and a large bit experimental today. I want to know whether telling people my plans will motivate me to finish within a reasonable timeframe or pressure me beyond the point of caring. For the moment I’ll forget the whole months-to-write-the-comments-interface fiasco.

The plan in question is a redesign. It has already begun, in fact, but there are problems ahead. The most major of these is that I promised myself I wouldn’t redesign until I had seperated scatterbrain’s code from soylentred’s design. That’s the bit that’ll take time. I may not have another chance to look at it until Monday either.

I have a preview of the new design. Take a look and tell me what you think. I call it Krimson Kream. When it’s replaced, it will be renamed Krimson Kreme Klassic. I don’t forsee any problems.