I have sitting on my home computer a file that tracks all of my aims for the near-term developement of scatterbrain and In the absence of anything else of note happening (ignoring those things that deserve a more considered entry which I don’t have time for) I’ve decided to post a version (minus boring technical details and security information) of this file here:

  • Add all the files and directories necessary to comply with Greg Knauss’ Standard for Site Organization.
  • I need to create the UI for editing my linkroll (the list of links which may or may not appear on the right – I haven’t added any at the time of writing).
  • Move all (error) messages to a seperate file for modularisation.
  • Convert to a template-based system where HTML is seperate from the scripts that utilise it.
  • I need total control over comments. It will be enough to start with just the ability to completely remove a comment. Ideally, I want some moderating control like deleting parts of comments or adding (suitably marked-up) editorial commments. (Note that I have this control at the moment but it involves directly accessing the database, which is ugly.)
  • Some system for allowing others to contribute to my "/about/" page. I love this idea, and Stephen has expressed an interest in it too. This will certainly be implemented at some point. You can email me your submissions in the mean time if you want.
  • Syndication? RSS, Necho, ESF? (Syndication allows other sites to grab the important content from a site to include it in their own, or for people to read the content without having to visit the site.)
  • Add a sitemap. Is this necessary yet? Probably not.
  • Re-style. Including graphics. Once the system is stable and useful, I want to focus on the visuals for a while. This should be after the templates are in place.
  • XUL/Javascript extension to Mozilla/Firebird for posting. (Program an extension for my browser so that I can post entries without visiting my administration pages.)
  • Add support for the "Catagories" of entries. Archive by catagory. Display an entry’s catagory with other meta-information (as a link to that catagory’s archive).
  • Add support, including UI, for editing an entry retrospectively. This includes adding text to the end, adding inline text, editing text/markup and changing the comments status (opening or closing comments.) (You might notice that some entries cannot be commented on. That’s what the comments status refers to.)
  • Add a contact page with a form for mailing me. (Very simple.)
  • A funky 404 page would be a nice addition. (404 is the error code for ‘file not found’. I want one that fits the style of the site and has some informative information on it about finding what you’re looking for. If I can make it entertaining, all the better.)
  • A search function would be a real challenge, and is frankly probably beyond me. The idea is recorded here for completeness.
  • Polls might be a fun distraction.
  • Should I put this file online? Should I allow additions to it from anyone? A definite mechanism for suggestions would be a good idea. (Apparently ‘yes’. No real mechanism for suggestions except email or comments.)

As the last point mentions I really would like suggestions and requests from readers. Go nuts.