Experiment Successful

I asked if presenting my plans to my adoring public would make me more or less likely to live by them. It seems I was motivated by your impatience. Scatterbrain (Soylentred.net’s home-grown CMS) has now got a nifty divide between the load-bearing code that chucks out info from the database and the actual HTML with which said info is structured. I can easily change every page on the site in an instant without even looking at the underlying code. Go me.

What’s the point of adding functionality without using it? None, so far as I can see. So after a few keystrokes, every page of Soylentred.net is ready to accomodate the new style I call Krimson Kreme. As always, I invite comments (and bug reports) about the new style. Is it nice and does it work?

Users of Opera, Mozilla and other useable browsers (so not Internet Explorer), can still see the old style. It’s the alternative stylesheet named ‘grey’.