Mind-Control Cheese from Denver

I wasn’t sure I wanted to post on the topic of God, theism and the recent hate-mongering of the Catholic church, not to avoid offence ("it’s my site" is such a harsh term ;-)), but simply because it seems that a lot has to be said before anything comes across. The phrase used in the title comes from a comment by Tom Coates from his article On the existence of God…, which takes issue with the Vatican’s afforementioned hate-mongering, and theism in general in fact.

Short of Richard Dawkins, and maybe even including Dawkins, this article and its succeeding comments offer the best arguments against theism and agnosticism that I’ve ever read. Not only that they’re wrong factually, but that theism can become morally wrong. Case in point: the Vatican message that brought up the issue will have significant ill-effects on thousands of people while having no good effects whatsoever. It is now morally unjustifiable to be a Catholic.