The Running Man

It’s probably a good thing that I didn’t get around to posting that entry about why Arnie was unlikely to run for governor of California this time around. I will not make a career out of political predictions. I’ve watched the story unfold so far, albeit from a distance, and this is as far as we’ve got as far as I can see:

A handful of gimmick candidates, including Arnie ("All that matters to me now is Jenny"), Gary Coleman ("whatchoo talkin’ ’bout Gray Davis?"), Larry Flint (as in ‘the people versus’), as well as some pornstress and a hooker. And a dog. Tough choice. Maybe, if I was Californian, I’d choose the geek option? Georgy Russell is certainly easier on the eyes than the others, especially the dog and Gary Coleman. But surely the best option is to let the whole world choose. And we needn’t even limit ourselves to the actual candidates! Step in Am I Governor or Not?