Final Fantasizing

Gamespot is featuring a preview of Final Fantasy X-2, which is aparently set for an "early December" 2003 release. This is a US release schedule, so I wouldn’t expect to see it in European shops this side of Christmas. I think we can expect an early spring release as usual, just in time to interfere with finals. Perhaps that’s why they call it Final Fantasy.

The preview doesn’t give much away, unfortunately, but what little can be gleaned from it follows. X-2 is a sequel to FFX, as we already knew. The principal protagonist is FFX‘s Yuna. Rikku is also a playable character. Other FFX characters only appear briefly as NPCs. The gameplay sounds to be less linear than the original, with the world map accessible far earlier in the game. The battle system has changed, but still features a sphere motif. Alarmingly, it seems that there are only three playable characters. I would think this is needlessly restrictive. I expect you’ll join with me in hoping that I’ve simply mis-interpreted that claim.

We’re promised improved graphics and "gorgeously detailed CG movies". The animators have redesigned any areas from the first game that are revisited. Gaming Horizon has some Screenshots, aswell as the box art. I have to say that Gun-toting Yuna in hotpants is indicative of an enthralling game.