September 2003, Cumulative Patch

The true spirit of blogging is exemplified by two things. Commenting on the state of the internet, or parts of it; and whining about anything that crosses your mind. So in a neat fusion I present: Giving Out About Idiots And Their Email (part of an on-going series). In the last three days I’ve received a total of almost two hundred identical emails to a single address. They weigh in at a hefty (for dial-up) 150k each. That’s 30MB of virus in three days. I guess that someone is still hopeful that the two-hundred-and-first will convince me that it’s actually from Microsoft.

It may seem like I’m beating a dead (trojan) horse, but what can convince you to run a program that you got, out of the blue ether, in an email? Hell, even if it was from Microsoft, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s a pity viruses aren’t as destructive as they used to be. If all the idiots had their systems fried, clueful users wouldn’t be bombarded with ineffectual trojans, and I’d be finished that download of the Final Fantasy X-2 intro video.