Face It: Online Questionnaires Are Cool

Oh we all like to bitch about stupid online tests like How Long Will You Live? and Which Postmodern Feminist Zealot Are You? but when we’re put in front of an array of little circles we feel compelled to stick a tiny black dot in one of them. It is a defining dot; it determines who we are. One of the only drawbacks of broadband is its removal, or at least drastic abbreviation, of that glorious moment of anticipation after we click on ‘Submit’; that moment when we know that some random bozo’s cruddy website is about to tell us what defines us as people.

And so it was at the Blogger Code generator. My code is B4 d t++ k s- u f- i o+ e- l- c, which will magically decode with a simple click. It will tell you more than anyone could otherwise know about me.

Or maybe it’s just a stupid questionnaire.