Bump Goes in the Night

Let’s just gloss over, for the minute, the fact that I’ve not seemed to be around for the last week or so. Consider it a favour to my readership that I didn’t go into the finer points – or even a general mention – of solving the differential equation of traffic flow using the upwind method. It truly is as inspiring as it sounds.

And, on a topic similar to the exiting world of traffic flow, it seems a great service to the students of UCD has been removed. That is, the students who live to the south of the campus and commute by bus. The strategicly placed bump that undertook to wake every sleep-deprived soul on the approach to the main gate was paved over at the weekend. Attendance dropped significantly, while the number of groggy commuters waking up at Corn Exchange Place almost doubled. I’m considering starting a campaign to have the bump replaced. Who is with me?