I’m Lovin’ It

No, not McDonald’s. I’m very recently one of Eircom’s predicted 100,000 broadband users. There’s something to be said about downloading the MTV Movie Awards Matrix: Reloaded parody at… pretty high speed while my brother is on the phone beside me. That something is "Tee Hee".

As a small but greatly appreciated bonus, my first venture online with DSL greeted me with an email from CD-wow:

We just thought you would like to know that we have successfully negotiated a better price with our suppliers in relation to the Region 2 – The Lord Of The Rings: Two Towers: Extended Edition (4 Disc Set) title from £25.99 to an amazingly low £22.99!

We realise that you have paid the full £25.99 so as a goodwill gesture we are passing this saving directly to you!

So I get a £3 voucher because I paid about €10 less than I paid for the first Lord of the Rings instead of paying the €15 less that it is now. Sounds like a good deal to me.