Almost Always Coca Cola

Economic use of precious time, or AOL style "me too"? You decide. Stephen opened his brand spanking new site with a lamenation of Coca Cola and Sinn Féin. He’s mad at Coke for giving $15,000 to Sinn Féin; and at Sinn Féin for supporting the ban on Coke, funding terrorism in Ireland and Columbia, and just being not-very-nice people overall.

I’m mad at Coke for stealing my colour scheme for Vanilla Coke.

How do we refer to original Coke now? It used to be ‘Coke’, but now that name is ambiguous. Ordinarily I’d refer to the original version as vanilla, in a geeky ice-cream related way. A conundrum, eh? I propose ‘vanilla Coke’ for the original and ‘Vanilla Coke’ for the new flavour. That should end any confusion.