Busy Doing Nothing

For some reason my otherwise logical mind is unable to find fault with the fact that, despite spending several hours online today actively surfing, reading blogs and responding to forum questions, I continue to claim that I haven’t got time to write for SoylentRed.net. Out of a 24 hour day (give or take) I can only really see myself spending about three hours studying. Four at a push when I’m less than a week from exams. Yet I find the excuse "I have to study" impinging on every activity that I consider. Blogging has suffered. My birthday celebrations, such as they were, have been cancelled. Time with friends has reduced, possibly because of their false impression of my amount of free time, possibly because I’m not the only one experiencing Farnham.

I think the real reason could be that, while I may not be spending a huge amount of time engrossed in textbooks and largely inadequate notes, my mind is constantly haring between time-like geodesics, Navier-Stokes equations, anomalous Zeeman effects and Lax-Wendroff schemes and every time one of those or any number of other topics springs to mind I’m reminded that in a very short time I’m going to depend on having a very detailed knowledge of each of them. It’s distinctly bothersome that I don’t yet have such a detailed knowledge.