Spare Changes

If you’ll allow me to gloss over my completion of four years of college and a full month of finals I’ll move onto the more pressing matter of my planned changes to SoylentRed and Scatterbrain. You see I’ve been strategising over the last few months and I have put in place plans for a major overhaul of Scatterbrain. This has historically been braught about by learning so much more about the area than I knew when I started that I find fault with just about every design descision I’ve made in the past year. New features will include:

  • Syndication feeds (some flavour of RSS, Atom) – this could probably be done within the confines of the current template system but I’ll probably end up rewriting much of that with these in mind.
  • Simpler content creation part I – Entries – I don’t want to have to type all of the XHTML by hand, particularly <abbr>s.
  • Simpler content creation part II – Comments – I already have linebreak-to-paragraph tags convertions; I want Scatterbrain to make links out of URLs and to allow simple markup.
  • Trackback – I don’t have this; I would like it.
  • Technorati,, pings – Scatterbrain will soon inform these blog-tracking sites of updates automatically every time I post.

I’m also going to change the administration pages to a seperate design from SoylentRed, clean up URLs so they don’t have ‘.php’ and ‘?’ all over them and possibly add a caching ability so that pages are only regenerated when necessary. I have four months to do this, not counting the fact that I will have to get a job.