Death: Mostly Harmless

From BBC NEWS | Entertainment:

The late Douglas Adams, creator of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, will be heard in the first new radio adaptation of his work in 25 years.

He recorded the voice for Agrajag before he died (obviously) so they’re using that recording when they make radio versions of the last three books of the trilogy. They’ve got all of the old cast, except Peter Jones—who played the book—because he is what can only be described as ‘also dead’. I don’t see why this should stop him in the circumstances but apparently it has.

You can get a preview (a 4minute 20second montage) from what may or may not be termed the official site. It doesn’t feature any of Adams’ dialogue, probably because there’s some digital mojo involved in cutting him in that they haven’t done yet. We have to wait until Tuesday 21 September to hear the rest.

I suspect the cat thinks Douglas is just singing to him. Perhaps he is singing to the cat and we just think he’s voicing a character in the new radio series.

Douglas Adams is currently staring in No Sex Please, We’re Amoeboid Zingat-Ularians at the Brantisvogan Starhouse.