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I’m wavering close to the live-journal-esque trait of latching on to any passing meme with this post, saved only by the fact that Dunstan Orchard’s Two favourite posts idea doesn’t seem to have been adopted by anyone else (nor does it appear that it will since it’s now a month old, an age in these circles). The idea, simple but potentially interesting as many memes are, is to identify your favourite blog posts; one by yourself and one by someone else. The comment thread in Dunstan’s original post has some good ones, many comedic, some informative.

As for my own favourites, a pretty clear winner is Mark Pilgrim’s ‘The right ones in the right order’ and of my own writing the only one that comes close to being labeled decent is the recent (that rhymes and you know it rhymes) ‘Pharyngula’. Maybe that’s harsh. A run through most of my old posts (172 of them) turned up ‘Eircom Nicks Customers’, ‘Content with Content’ and the bizarre discussion that ensued after the embarassing ‘The Wonders of Being Single’.

I will try harder in future.