MakeLink Version 1.2 Released

MakeLink is by far the most popular entry point for this site so I think it’s only fair that I devote some time to it. I’ve just released version 1.2 which addresses a few issues with previous versions. This new version and all future versions will only work for Firefox 0.9 and later. If you’re still using 0.8, well why?

Two new features were suggested by Brian Lalonde: HTML links are now copied as text/html so they can be pasted into word-processors and email clients that support HTML and there is now an option to retain title attributes when copying HTML links.

Along with those two features there were two bug fixes, described on the project page, and there’s a new ‘About’ box. I’ve had some more ideas for extended features while fiddling around with the code so expect a 1.3 version to be forthcoming.