I’ve modified my installation of Dean Allen’s Refer to keep out anyone who isn’t, well, either me or very good at imitating me. So you’ll just have to take my word for it when I say that since MakeLink was listed on I’ve been getting new hits every ten minutes. This has been fairly constant since around 11 o’clock yesterday.

Since it’s now pretty obvious that MakeLink is the main gateway for new visitors to the site I’ve gone all out—by my standards—and spend a minute sprucing up the project page for it. It’s a very small extension, and a little bit specialised, but—even though I wrote it with no intention of using it—I find myself using it all the time. Given the new extension system for Firefox—specifically the capacity to uninstall extensions rather than just disabling them so you can install them with no risk—you might want to give MakeLink a go.