New Microsoft Marketing Site

Microsoft just launched a new marketing site for Internet Explorer in the guise of a team blog. Why do I say it’s a marketing site? Try this gem:

Some of us have our individual blogs today, but we also wanted to have one that was focused on what we do every day at work – make Internet Explorer the best way for browsing the web.

Compare this to what an actual developer blog should be: Surfin’ Safari is Dave Hyatt’s blog about Apple’s Safari browser where he has recently discussed Apple’s additions to HTML for Dashboard. This led to responses from other web-related proffesionals, including representatives of Mozilla and Opera who made suggestions to make these additions more palletable. Dave made swift changes to Safari’s implementation to address these concerns and continues to work with the wider community to ensure Apple doesn’t break the web.

Meanwhile Microsoft sits around patting each other on the back and saying how great their old and busted browser is.