Offbeat Shenanigans

Firstly, for anyone who isn’t hip with sports entertainment, this entry is about World Wrestling Entertainment. Secondly, offbeat shenanigans rule. Having cleared those points up: There’s some talk on the Oratory about a possible reforming of Edge and Christian (second section on the linked page). It’s purely speculative, but entirely plausible. We’ve been waiting for Edge’s heel-turn since his return. He’s just not comfortable in his current role. Christian has come on hugely in the three years since their split, by now undoubtedly the better of the two.

Christian helping out Edge at Summerslam would be logical because it would prevent Chris Jericho, the guy that "hurt" him in their cage match, from winning it. Get steroid lover Batista out of there, have Christian trip up Jericho on a lionsault, Edge can spear him and that’ll be the pinfall. After that, they can reunite with the conchairto in Toronto! It’d rule, dude. Just like sodas rule!

The tension between Edge and Chris Jericho means a heel-turn is inevitable but now I come to write it I can see the turn being Jericho’s. We know he can do it, he was a great arrogant heel during his Undisputed Champion reign. His face-turn may have been to recent and Edge is still a little lost where he is but I’m not ruling out a surprise from the King of the World yet. Whatever happens, this remains true:

I say send Tomko down to OVW so he can learn more than just a boot to the face. We don’t need another Test. Trish fits in as Christian’s girl like she did before. She’s can fit anywhere as far as I’m concerned.