Full-Time Blogging

I’ve been peripherally aware of Jason Kottke for the last couple of years. He’s always trotted out as an example of a blogger who everyone reads; he’s the prototypical A-lister. Struggling to keep myself off the bandwagon, or simply through inertia, I’ve never subscribed to Kottke.org. If you read the same blogs I do you could be forgiven for thinking that I’m the only person that doesn’t subscribe (well, you too because you read the same blogs I do…)

Anywho, I’ve just done the unimaginable and added Kottke’s feed to my Bloglines subscriptions, because Jason has done the unimaginable and quit his day job to work as a full-time blogger. No advertising, no memberships, no subscription-only content, just a request to pay what you think he’s worth. That’s pretty ballsy, and I can’t wait to find out if it works.