That took longer than I expected. It’s just taken me over a day to get my unread items list down to zero. I spent most of Wednesday away from the ‘Net so my blogroll was going to stretch a little longer than usual anyway. Combine this with a couple of new high-content blogs in my subscriptions, the fact that many people are giving their take on Kottke‘s new venture, and the fact that Dave Shea’s new book is out (and the reviews are in) and you’ve got several hours worth of reading. I’ve improved my methods of keeping track of what I want to mention here, so unless I lose my motivation really quickly there are going to be a few more posts later today.

Unforunately my dad has been ill for the last day or two so all this is going to have to wait until after the shopping is done. There really isn’t as much time in a four-day weekend as you’d expect.