One Crushing Defeat After Another

This being the last week of my holidays I’ve tried to get myself back into a socially-acceptable schedule. Today I was out of bed by one o’clock. After a lazy two hours catching up with everything that’s new on the Internet, or perhaps just that small part of it that holds some interest, it’s time to get to work on my project. Incidentally, as I alluded to on Sunday, I’m able to work from home now. Who knows what they fixed, and frankly who cares. It saves me three hours a day of commuting.

I can’t start to work on an empty stomach and it’s past three o’clock so it’s time for breakfast. By now the cynics in the audience are sarcasticly saying to themselves "I wonder will he find something that makes it difficult to start work on his project?" You have no idea. Is it a task that requires my attention before anything else? Is it a family member asking for help? Is it some distraction from which I cannot tear myself? Try The Simpsons season 5 on DVD. Damn you foul temptress!