The Amityville Horror

I’m continuing the movie theme here on SoylentRed for another day despite the growing list of subjects in my “to blog” bookmarks folder. Most of those are out of date anyway (anyone remember the Pope? Made a big splash a few weeks ago, seems to have faded into obscurity by now.) and I’m in too good a mood recently to get dragged into writing any of the other stuff in there. So I’ll take the more light-hearted road and mention a brutal six-person murder and, maybe worse, Michael Bay.

The trailers before Gardern State weren’t very encouraging about the coming weeks of cinema. I was cheered up briefly by what I thought was the appearance of Jason Lee in the preview of The Amityville Horror. That cheer was washed away by the words "produced by Michael Bay". Karl pointed out, by email, Entertainment Ireland’s review which starts with the line “The fact that the anti-Christ of intelligent filmmaking, Michael Bay, produced this remake of The Amityville Horror should tell you all you need know.” Why would Jason Lee lower himself to making this? Actually he didn’t; it turns out I just can’t tell him from Ryan Reynolds, a fact which became apparent when I watched the first trailers for Blade: Trinity. That’s a plus at least.

So did I just write another entry about how bad a film I haven’t seen is? In fact I did have another reason for mentioning this one. Snopes just published an article on Amityville, which contains the following observation:

The revelation that the story was based on a hoax has led to embarrassment, especially among the handful of "paranormal experts" who "verified" the fictional tale. The Lutzes must have had a good laugh at the expense of the mystery-mongering ghost hunters and self-proclaimed psychics who reported their terrifying visions and verified the house’s (non-existent) demonic residents.

So I got a dig in on Michael Bay and on "psychics". I couldn’t pass that up.