Science in Huffington

I’ve thankfully avoided much mention of The Huffington Post, possibly because I don’t read the type of blogger who feels compelled to follow celebrity, or possibly because it just isn’t generating as much buzz as Huffington hoped. Of the few remarks I have read, the most interesting is Skeptico’s ired response to the Post‘s apparent "anti-vaccination obsession". Skeptico has been running a series of articles on the alleged connection between mercury in vaccinations and autism, citing a heck of a lot of data to back up the "it’s just a crackpot fantasy" side of the argument.

Interestingly the only article I’ve actually read on the Post is far more supporting of genuine science and scepticism than you would expect. It’s an excerpt from an essay called Creationism: God’s gift to the ignorant, by one Richard Dawkins. If only we could expect regular blogging from that fellow.