No, this isn’t another SoylentRed todo list. I have enough of thse already and I have no desire or time to work on Scatterbrain right now. What the title refers to is a tiny but surprisingly cool feature of kate, the KDE text editor I’m using for my current project.

I was rushing through trying to get some features written today in time for our review meeting tomorrow morning. Since I was in a hurry I wrote skeletons of much of the code and I left hooks and function prototypes all over the place with little notes reminding myself what to put there when I have more time.

Brilliantly, when you put the word "TODO" in uppercase inside a code comment kate will highlight it so that it’s easier to find later. Like I said, this is a tiny feature but it’s so cool I stopped typing when I saw it and showed to a few other interns in the lab. It works in kdevelop too. I wouldn’t be surprised if kwrite did this as well, but I can’t check since I have no KDE applications installed at home.