I’ve known this day would come for years, but I never quite admitted it to myself. My iPod is full. I bought it two years ago and even then it was the smallest available, at only 10GB.

So now I have to sort through all of these gigabytes of mp3s looking for the ones that I don’t expect to want to listen to all that often. And you know what? Theres an awful lot of stuff on this thing that I just reflexively skip right past. I’ve culled over 200 tracks out of only about 2100, and I think I could lose about a hundred more if I needed more room. I had been allowing music to build up on my computer like a plaque, some of it so bad I just deleted it rather than remove it from my playlist.

I guess in a few months I’m going to have to come up with something more scalable than large-scale deletions. Maybe a way to rotate tracks, swapping my less frequently played music around at every update. Or maybe a new iPod. 60GB would last a while. How has anyone else solved this problem?