Wedding Crashers

I went to see Wedding Crashers yesterday and I feel the only appropriate response to it is, in the words of Sean William Scott in Old School, "Yes! That is awesome!" Obviously there are those poor souls who are missing that crucial piece of their sense of humour that would allow them to enjoy Frat Pack movies, but for everyone else this is one of the best. Better than Elf, Zoolander, and Anchorman, and at least as good as Old School.

Having used the Frat Pack name to refer to these guys, I want to ask how widespread that name has become. Is it something that I picked up off a lone Empire reviewer trying to coin a new phrase or is it widely used to refer to these guys? And, given that I did pick it up of an Empire reviewer (lone or otherwise), why did he include Jack Black in the list? For the record, everyone I’ve spoken to about this has said they never heard the name before but the members are Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, Ben Stiller, Will Ferrel, and Vince Vaughan. Snoop Dogg has more claim to being a member than Jack Black does.