Blogrolling Stone Gathers Moss

Some time ago I removed my blogroll (the list of links to other sites that you usually find on blogs) because it was becoming woefully out of date. It could no longer accomodate the entire list of blogs I regularly read, and I wasn’t prepared to spend the time considering who should and shouldn’t be on it. That is not to say that no-one deserves a slice of my Page Rank, meagre though it is. There are in fact a great number of sites that I highly recommend.

The complication of adding back the blogroll is this: I am in the process of re-writing much of the code that runs Soylent Red. During this process I discovered that my current host is no longer as well suited to my technical requirements as I’d like. By chance I happened on another host which seems near-perfectly suited and is—marginally—cheaper. So the new blogroll will wait for the code upgrade, the code upgrade requires a new host, and, crucially, the new host isn’t taking new customers at the moment since they want to focus on an upgrade to their setup.