Lappy G4

The laptop that I ordered on Friday arrived today. Not too shabby. That means Apple won the delivery race even though I gave Amazon a headstart of several days.

First impressions: All that I expected. It was fully charged when I got it, setup was trivial, the screen has a near-180° viewing angle so my whole family could watch in awe. I had a bit of trouble getting it to talk to my network but that was my fault. It found the wireless network immediately during setup, but I got a few settings wrong. That’s because my network has all of the automagic things like DHCP turned off. Thankfully the computer was able to tell me presicely what part of the network setup had gone wrong, right from the Safari error page.

While I was pondering my network troubles I decided to check out the bluetooth. I switched on bluetooth on my phone, ran through the setup process which was (you guessed it) easy, and was asked whether I wanted to synchronise my phone’s contacts with the laptop’s address book. I was also able to browse the pictures and ringtones on the phone, something I never managed with the dodgy infrared dongle I got for my PC.

That’s as much playing as I managed to do before I had to leave for work. In the interests of actually getting some work done, I left Lappy G4 at home. More playing this evening. Probably more praise-singing tomorrow.