Driver Theory Test

I’ve just passed my driver theory test, the first step to getting a driver’s licence. I have to say it’s a fantastically easy test. If you see a group of children playing on the road should you a) run them over repeatedly, reversing if necessary to ensure you’ve completely crushed them; b) drive past at the highest speed you can so that they learn the dangers of playing near a road; or c) drive slowly and be aware that they may run out in front of your car?

It’s still a good idea to prepare for the test, particularly since the margin of error is so tight (you need to get 35 questions right out of 40). I got the Official Driver Theory Test CD-ROM, which contains all of the questions that can be asked during the test, but is presented with the worst and least useable piece of shitty shoftware that I’ve ever had the misfortune to have to use. The failings of that CD are so bad that they must surely have been produced through malice. I could never find the time to describe even a fraction of its failings unless I was to drop out of college and dedicate myself to documenting ineptitude full-time. So I won’t try. Just trust me. Buy the book instead.