Freshers’ Week

It’s that time of year when, after an exhausting week of lectures, the college population takes a relaxing week nearly-off. I don’t get to skip lectures along with everyone else, partly because I’m supposed to be a responsible postgrad, but mostly because I only have two lectures a week.

I wandered around the societies’ tent in the carpark of the student centre during lunch (which lasted a respectible Freshers’ week-style two hours). I was somehow roped into joining netsoc for the sixth time. This is despite having my own server and access to two others in college, and a paid-for host for my website. And a laptop. So, yeah, I won’t be using their amazing 2Gb of storage and Web hosting. But I got some Dan bars, so it was worth it. Apparently the netsoc table quiz will return this year, after a few years off.

Weird fact about the netsoc table quiz: It’s the only quiz in which I managed to answer a question correctly before it was asked. They had a round where every "question" was a line from a song, and they wanted the next line. After they explained this, but before they gave the first line, I wrote "Caught in a landslide/No escape from reality" for question one. I was right.

I also joined the juggling society. No surprise there, I guess. Though it’s perfectly possible to just show up at the hall without being a member, so really I just baught a rather mediocre shortbread cookie for €3. Damn. I think they’ve finally done something about the room-booking clash they had with the poker society last year, so we may actually have the use of the hall this year. Woot. Trinity is still where its at for juggling in Dublin though.