Family Guy News: Good and Bad

The bad news first, because I like to end on a good note. According to’s listings there won’t be any new Family Guy episodes airing until the 6th of November, and then there’s another break before the last of the current production season airs on the first of January next year. If you’re following along at home (ie. downloading) you should have seen 13 episodes this season. If you’re waiting to see them on TV, I’m afraid there’s still no air date for the BBC. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sky also picked up the new episodes but a brief search of press releases and newsgroups didn’t turn up any announcements on that front.

So the bad news is that we won’t see the Guy for a while, but the good news is that we will be seeing it for a while. Probably two years at least. According to The Futon Critic, Fox has ordered the production of 22 new episodes. That brings the total to 107, and total yet to air to 44. If these new episodes do get broadcast rather than just being released on DVD, and the current ratings suggest that they will, then Family Guy will be on TV until early 2008. Sweet.