Cheaper By the Baker’s Dozen

While queueing for a ticket to see King Kong last week (more on which… um, never, because I don’t think I’ll have time to review it before everyone has seen it; it’s good; go see) I was horrified to see that there is a sequel to Cheaper By the Dozen. Worse, it seems that someone has missed a brilliant opportunity to give it one of those stupid sequel names where they just increment any number that appears in the title. You know, like Ocean’s Twelve,102 Dalmatians and The Whole Ten Yards.

Well I started thinking what other sequels could be given such names. How about:

  • Eleven (Dudley Moore and Bo Derek)
  • Fahrenheit 452 and Fahrenheit 9/12
  • The Three Towers
  • Jet Li’s The Two
  • Ei8ht
  • 1493
  • Four Men and a Baby
  • Five Weddings and Two Funerals
  • Miracle on 35th Street
  • Air Force Two
  • Two Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  • The Man With Three Brains

Those should get you started. Any other ideas?