The Wee Free Men Movie

The image that I’ve been unable to shake this morning is of Bruce Campbell, chainsaw in hand (or perhaps instead of hand), playing nine-year-old farm girl Tiffany Aching. This onholy, and admittedly unlikely, image was spawned by the news that Evil Dead– and Spider-Man-director Sam Raimi is to direct the first ever Discworld movie, The Wee Free Men.

I’ve been reading news about possible Discworld movies for years, almost as long as I’ve been reading the books themselves, but this one is at least being presented as being a bit more probable than any of the "people won’t like the Death character" Mort possibilities. There’s also the possibility of a Terry Gilliam-directed Good Omens at some point, but with Brothers Grimm still lingering I’m not sure how keen anyone is to give Gilliam any more money.

So a Discworld movie finally! We’ll have to wait a while, since filming has apparently only begun on Raimi’s next movie, Spidey 3, which isn’t due out until summer 2007.