Full Screen QuickTime Player

My biggest complaint about Apple’s OS X has always been the lack of full screen mode in its default media player, QuickTime Player. That function—possibly the most basic function of a video player after play, pause, stop, etc.—is reserved for the Pro version of the player. Who is that for anyway? A professional video-watcher? Anyway, QuickTime Player Pro costs €30. I have to assume it comes in a solid gold crate or something.

I didn’t pay €30 for any of the other four video players on that machine, and I’m not about to pay it for QuickTime (which happens to be the worst of them all). I’ve worked around the restriction in the past by using the screen zoom feature, which lets you zoom in on any part of the screen. Unfortunately that method leaves an ugly pointer sitting in the middle of the video. The zoomed region is determined by the position of the mouse pointer so you can’t just move it out of the way.

Thankfully I’ve now got a proper solution to the problem. No hacks, no workarounds, and best of all no €30 charge. It’s a simple AppleScript. And I mean simple: it’s a single line! That post has instructions on how to install the script and how to use it. It’s very straightforward. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be possible to assign it a keyboard shortcut, though I haven’t explored that too much so I could be wrong.

Incidentally, in case all this talk of AppleScript wasn’t enough of a clue, this only works for the OS X version of QuickTime Player.