Selling Out – One Year Later

Last year I posted about the introduction of contextual advertising on Soylent Red. I’ve made one or two adjustments to the code since then. Essentially the advertising works by trying to attach ads only to pages that people reach from Web searches, so that regular readers who get here via bookmarks or feed readers won’t see any ads. It also means that anyone who gets here via a deliberate link from another site won’t see ads either.

In the year since I introduced the ads I’ve earned an incredible $22.22 in advertising revenue. Wow! That’s just over two months’ hosting costs in only 12 months. Sarcasm aside, I never intended to actually make any money out of this. I just thought it would be interesting to see how it panned out.

I’ll be keeping the ads in the hope that I eventually get that elusive $100 cheque, the minimum payment that Google’s adsense program will make.