Last Week

My apologies for the paucity of posts in the last week. To make up for it, here’s the week in bullet points:

  • Last Wednesday I finally got around to seeing Wrestelmania. Very good overall but I think the two main events let it down a little. It’s good to see Rob Van Dam getting another push. He was the highlight if the ladder match, a fine acheivement given that Shelton Benjamin was in that match too. Everyone else was just filler. The women’s championship match was exceptional, except for the disappointing ending. They’re in the middle of by far the best women’s angle ever in WWE. It’s also one of the best angles overall at the moment. I didn’t like the Triple-H – John Cena match. I always have trouble believing that Triple-H can be beaten, but tapping out to a non-technical wrestler is just going too far. It makes Chris Benoit’s victory at last year’s Wrestlemania much less meaningful. Thankfully it seems like they’re doing a very good job of rescuing Cena’s character now. He’s even on the way to winning me back.

  • Jamie finished some college work on Thursday, so I took two days off to celebrate. We spent Thursday and Friday loitering around Dublin like any self-respecting slackers. Why do I keep trying to go to the cinema on Thursdays? There’s never anything on.

  • My driving instructor cancelled my lesson on Saturday morning so I went out in Dad’s car instead. This turned out to be a bad idea. The phrase "not firing on all cylinders" is not often used in a literal sense but in this case it could probably be. I stand by my assertion that the car was broken before I drove it anywhere. When you’re relying on the engine to complain at you when you do something wrong it’s not terribly helpful for the engine to spend all of its time complaining anyway.

  • I spent Saturday night and the early hours of Sunday playing Gameless, a game which I now realise I still haven’t got around to describing. I guess I was waiting for Jamie to blog about it. I’m not going to try to cram its description into a little bullet point, but I will say that it’s a board game loosely based on 1000 Blank White Cards and it has been endorsed as "better than chess" by a celebrity sportsperson.

  • The UCD juggling society AGM was on tuesday. It was basically just a normal session but with more people, free booze (though only in the form of cheap beer, so I didn’t partake in that particular aspect), and games with prizes. It was looking like I was going to come second in every game until someone came up with the bright idea of a club balance race. Every competitor had to balance a club on his face (nose or chin), walk (or run, for the ambitious and the stupid) from the start line to the opposite wall, touch the wall and walk (or run) back to the start. Whenever anyone dropped a club he had to start the whole race again, so essentially it was a matter of being the only person who could finish the course rather than actually having anything to do with speed. I won a set of three hackey-sacks for my efforts. It’s just as well too, because that was the last game. Yeah yeah, I know, it’s not about the winning.