I’ve just signed up to a new website (currently in beta, in true Web 2.0 style) called It’s an experiment in serendipity. When you sign up to the site it randomly pairs you with one of its other members with whom you then communicate via anonymous email for four days. At the end of the four days you decide whether or not to keep that person as a friend. Whatever your decision you are then paired with another random member and the cycle continues.

I’ve just sent an introductory message to my first "friend". All I know about this person is that they go by the alias "duster" and have a burning hand throwing up the horns as an avatar. It’s surprisingly difficult to introduce yourself to a person whom you know so little about. I tried to steer clear of the usual Web-profile-blurb boring life summary and add something interesting. We’ll see what (if anything) I get back.

It will be interesting to see what kinds of people will turn up in this service, although I’m guessing the technologically inclined young male demographic may be somewhat over-represented.