Musical Baton Revisited

As I’m occasionally wont to do, I was reading my posts from this time last year, and I came across the musical baton meme. I figured that in light of recent months of purchases and downloads I would do an update.

Total volume of music files on my computer

Last year: 8.2 Gigabytes (3 days 17 hours)

Now: 14.92 Gigabytes (9 days 20 hours)

The increase is due to a prolonged buying spree (I’ve doubled my CD collection since January) and the fact that I took it upon myself to acquire the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame’s 500 Songs That Shaped Rock. I’m still quite surprised that I only had three days of music last year. I would have thought it was closer to five or six days. I’m trying to think of what happened in the second half of last year, but I’m drawing a blank.

The last CD I bought

Brothers & Sisters by the Allman Brothers Band

Song playing right now

Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me

I still struggle on the "mean a lot to me" front. I don’t think I have any particular emotional attachment to any songs. I don’t have that soundtrack-to-major-events-in-life thing going on. These are songs I listen to a lot though.

  • Time by Pink Floyd. Probably my current favourite song.
  • Tiny Dancer by Elton John. I first heard this song from a recording of Dave Grohl performing it on the Late Late Show (the American one, not the Irish one). I listened to that version repeatedly. I’ve recently got the original version and it’s equally good.
  • Jessica by the Allman Brothers Band. The theme tune to Top Gear and one of the best guitar instrumentals I’ve ever heard.
  • Dream On by Aerosmith. Okay, it turns out this one does hold a certain significance for me. But it’s also a really good song.
  • Alive by Pearl Jam. Play this at my funeral, okay?

Of last year’s five songs, What Would Brian Boitano Do? and The Power of Love have lost most of their gimmick appeal, and it turns out that the song I called Evolution is actually called Line in the Sand. My appreciation for Motorhead has increased since then, as evidenced by my current facial hair (there are no photos of this online to my knowledge, which may be a good thing). Paranoid Android still rules, though I haven’t listened to any Radiohead in a while. I’m going to see them in August. Ditto Everybody Hurts and R.E.M., except for the part about going to see them.

So that’s how things have changed music-wise since last year. Maybe I’ll do this again next year.