Pharaoh Bender once more walks among the living!

Everyone, I have a very dramatic announcement. So anyone with a weak heart should leave now. Goodbye!

Ok, so there’s been news of Futurama‘s resurrection before, and we all know the saying: Fool me seven times, shame on you. Fool me eight or more times, shame on me. Those earlier reports were nothing but sweet, sweet words that turn into bitter orange wax in my ears.

But you can’t give up hope just because it’s hopeless. You gotta hope even more, and cover your ears and go like bla bla bla bla … So now there are actual press releases and confirmations from networks and crap like that that real journalists care about. So it looks like it’s for real this time. This is the moment we have been training for all yesterday afternoon. There’ll be thirteen new episodes produced for Comedy Central to air in 2008. Woop woop woop!

So all over the world, couples stood together in joy. And me, Zoidberg! And no one could have been happier unless it would have also been Valentine’s Day.