Things of Interest

  • is up. Featuring video blog (I want to try that some time), new movie teaser (The Last Kiss), and Borat. What more can you ask from a celebrity blog?
  • I spent the early part of this afternoon basking in St Stephen’s Green in Dublin, listening to a live jazz band and reading Join Me by Danny Wallace. That’s Danny Wallace, King of Lovely, The Leader, and Ambassador to the Centre of the Universe. That guy gets an awful lot of stuff done considering how much of a slacker he appears to be. I feel a new role-model coming on…
  • I spent the later part of the afternoon celebrating the good news. No, not the stuff about Quake III railgun awards. That game is easy. I’m talking about the footnote. I appear to have managed to celebrate this by letting Jamie buy me a drink, which really doesn’t seem to be the way things should be done, so perhaps I’ll try to rectify that.
  • I wanted to mention my beginnings of a plan to get a fancy new Macbook, but it appears that Neil Turner has had exactly the same idea as I had. He beat me to explaining it so I’m not going to bother.