Apple Battery Recall

Apple has started to recall some of its laptop batteries, having discovered that many of its customers weren’t keen on the unadvertised "iExplode" feature that had been included at no extra charge in some models. My Powerbook’s battery is among those being recalled. The new, non-exploding version will be arriving in a matter of weeks. Then I can finally start using my laptop without the need for a helmet and armoured vest.

Thanks to a nifty little application called coconutBattery I now know that my current (just over a year old) battery is down to 91% of its original maximum capacity. So the replacement will presumably give me at least a 10% improvement in battery life. I say "at least" because the battery technology may well have got better in the last year also.

Whee! Free improvements to my lappy only at the cost of the risk of personal injury.