Clerks II

I am beginning to notice a rather obvious trend here on Soylent Red towards every post being about movies. Perhaps this is what the yuppie thirty-something renovated loft-dwelling New York blogger ruling class mean when they refer to "finding a niche". Just my luck that my niche appears to be one of the most popular pastimes in the world.

Anyway, Clerks II. This is the sixth movie in a "trilogy" that I love. It is the sequel to one of my favourite comedies ever. It received an eight minute long standing ovation at the Cannes film festival. And it lived up to my expectations.

It was slow to start, which I found worrying because this was one of those films that I went to with a sense of needing it to be good. I certainly didn’t want it to retroactively ruin the original like a certain pair of Matrix sequels did. Thankfully it picked up the pace soon enough. Now that I think of it, I have levelled the "slow to start" criticism a few times recently and been proved wrong. Maybe I should start to put more trust in the film makers.

This is another easy one for the "if you liked X you’ll like this"-style reviewer. X is Clerks, quite simply.